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Width 28cm, drum width 7cm, space utilization is higher



Production capacity: 400cc/min
Drum width: 7cm
Power consumption: 500W
Use refrigerant: R-404a
Cooling method: Air-cooled
Exterior Material: Stainless steel
Injection pipe material: stainless steel
Material discharge Method: Natural Pressurized Discharge (series connection)
Plug type: Detachable (socket type)
Weight: 29kg (body)
Size: 28 x 46 x 35 (CM)

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Detachable cover

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Electronic control via the one button

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Open-type drums

Cleaning and drying makes it easier to clean

Proven Freezing drum Technology

Maximize performance and durability

Sensing control function

Flow rate automatically depend on measuring the temperature of the coolant

7cm width powerful drums

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Water Cooled vs Air Cooled